R&D Clinical Groups

R&D Services to Clinical Groups

We offer the possibility to the different clinical groups to outsource their R&D to us, taking advantages of several benefits: Quick service without bureaucratic hindrance. Custom service. Integrated service. Networking. Competitive service. Our expertise belongs mainly to the area of…

R&D Agrifood

R&D Services to Agrifood companies

Natural products have survived screening by evolution and carry a biological message. Life depends on them, and turning to them has been the single most successful strategy to discover new medicines. Extracts and molecules purified from diverse agroalimentary sources have…

R&D Biotech and Pharma

R&D Services to Biotech & Pharma companies

BioinRen provides laboratory research services worldwide, tailored to your specific needs, to ensure that your research makes a difference in improving people’s lives. BioinRen has experience in a wide range of R&D areas related to the Biotech and Pharma companies,…




Happiness increases in the working area. A study reveals that 81.5% of the spanish working people declare happy within their jobs, two percentage points higher than the previous year. Link to the complete article (Spanish).

Fundación PONS


BioinRen will participate in the conference “H2020: first conclusions of the SME Instrument of the EU”, that will take place next Thursday April 9 in Madrid and will be sponsored by PONS Foundation. The conference aim is to explain the…



BIO-INREN obtains the third award of “University-Enterprise Challenge 2014”. The project BIO-QUERCETINA, an interdisciplinary project presented by the Universities of Salamanca and Valladolid in response to the company BIO-INREN, has obtained the third award within the University-Enterprise Challenge 2014 competition….

4P renal test cuadrado

Renal Test

BioinRen has developed an innovative and pioneer diagnostic system (4P-RenalTest) based on a urinary test that will change our present manner of addressing Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) diagnosis, prevention and clinical handling. As a result: AKI incidence will decrease 7.5%…

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